Mythic Codex First Blog Post!

I’m an Animator and Visual FX artist. I’ve been working in Film/TV for nearly 20 years creating all manner of experimental Animation and Visual Effects. In addition to that I’ve also had a life-long passion for Mythology and Folklore. Now I’m bringing these two passions together to create an ongoing series of short films about the fairies and creatures of world folklore and mythology.

To start us off I’ll be revisiting a documentary which I produced back in 2002 entitled Fairy Folio: A Field Guide to the Faerie. This documentary was narrated by Canadian actor Gordon Pincent and features the animation of many of Nova Scotia’s most talented animators. The show features 14 stories about the Fairies of folklore; Brownie, Redcap, Leanan Sidhe, Pooka, to name a few. Over the next few months I will be refreshing the animation and digital FX and re-releasing these 14 stories. For every $200 of NEW patronage I’ll release the next installment of the series [no more than 2 in a month]. Once all 14 episodes are released I will begin creating all new episodes!

New creatures, new stories… How about a series about the GIANTS of folklore! How about DRAGONS?! The sky is the limit! Each episode will be roughly 2 to 3 minutes in length and contain carefully researched folklore and mythology brought to life with exquisite animation and visual effects.

Please join me in creating the most MYTHIC web series ever devised!

Here is a list of the episodes as they will be released:

Episode 1: The Brownie
The Brownie is a household spirit commonly found in the Northern Scottish Lowland. They often move in with humans and help with household chores such as getting rid of spiders or churning butter. A seat next to the family hearth was often left empty for the occupant Brownie.

Like most of the “good folk” they don’t like to be observed when about their business so they only work under cover of night. In exchange for their labour they expect only small gifts of food; porridge, honey, butter or cream.

With regards to their work and payment they do have some peculiar idiosyncrasies which humans should be well aware of lest they offend their helpful resident and incur their wrath…

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Episode 2: The Grogach
Another helpful house spirit, the Irish Grogach is half human. Peculiarities include aversion to priests and bathing. They resemble wrinkle-faced old men and their household assistance can sometimes become a nuisance.

Episode 3: Pooka
Sometimes a goat, sometimes a horse, rabbit or dog this shape shifting fairy from Ireland and Wales can be identified in human form if you can spot its animal attribute. It’s known for its terrifying pranks on country residents and nighttime travellers in wild country.

Episode 4: Merrow
The Irish mermaid has the lower half of a seal until it comes ashore and discards it’s silky pelt. They’re known to have loving relationships with human men that can often become… complicated.

Episode 5: Leprechaun
The solitary fairy known as Leprechauns are the shoemakers of the fairy world. Catching one can bring a boon but keeping the prize may be more difficult than it’s worth.

Episode 6: Bocan
The Leprechaun’s rowdy cousin is a spirit you don’t want in your house. Furniture breaking, bottle smashing, they’re harder to purge than bedbugs.

Episode 7: Goblin
A member of the Unseelie Court, Goblins are a fearsome class of dark fairy known to terrorize children. Luckily their dimwitted nature makes them easy to banish with the simplest mind game.

Episode 8: Buggane
A towering hair-covered brute from the Isle of Man, this thug is often sent to dispense justice on behalf of Fairies who’ve been offended by humans.

Episode 9: Redcap
The murderous Redcap is a border goblin that haunts the ruins of crumbling fortresses between England and Scotland. It wears iron shoes and carries a deadly pole-arm and is named for its headgear which it keeps died with its victim’s blood.

Episode 10: Leanan Sidhe
The Fairy Lover is a muse who brings powerful passion and inspiration to her human lovers. But the passion is short-lived as inspiration blazes furiously through the the artist, draining his spirit and cutting his life short.

Episode 11: Banshee
The tragic wail of this Irish fairy signals the pending death of a family member. If caught unawares they are known to grant wishes, but perhaps not with the expected outcome.

Episode 12: Nuckelavee
The most monstrous of Scotland’s fairy kin, this creature is known to blight crops and sicken livestock with its foul breath and hideous appearance. Once caught in the gaze of its single flaming eye can anyone escape?

Episode 13: Fairy Origins 1: Rebel Angels
Where did fairies come from? Some believe there are clues in Christian tradition. When Lucifer led a host of angels in rebellion against the throne of heaven, some were allowed to change vocations and dwell on earth rather than be banished to the pits of hell.

Episode 14: Fairy Origins 2: Tuatha De Danan
Another possible origin of the little people comes from ancient lore. The divine race of beings known as the Tuatha De Danan dwelt in Ireland long before the coming of humanity. As humans grew in number the Tuatha De Danan were forced to retreat before them. Some took their leave of the physical world while others remained behind to become the kindly folk known as fairies.