Introduction to Mythic Codex

Greetings mythology enthusiasts!

Admittedly I’m not much of a blogger. Never had much to say. The whole point of Mythic Codex was to create a place where I could explore my passion for world mythology and folklore in a visual medium; creating artwork and animation while doing research on a topic that I truly love. Inevitably the work that I’m doing has sparked some important conversations. I am in a unique position where people have begun to tell me their own stories and folklore; either their own experiences or some tale handed down from previous generations. These stories are already becoming scattered across social media platforms and are in danger of being swept away by the endless tide of comments and posts. I decided to create this space where I might be able to collect some of the story gems that are thrown at me from the turbulence of the interwebs. How successful this blog will be remains to be seen. My time being endlessly divided between production and research and somehow trying to make a living as an Artist. I’ll have to leave the success or failure of this written venture to the whims of providence.

Wish me luck!

Frank Forrestall

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